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Brain degeneration in the light of genomic research

Prof. Dr. Georg Auburger, Experimental Neurology
University Medical Center Frankfurt on July 7, 2014

How do the degeneration illnesses of the nervous system originate with age? Patients with Alzheimer, Parkinson, Huntington and Ataxie need answers to this question.
The complexity in the brain and the diversity of environmental events during the whole life complicate the research. Now, by analysing great families with inheritance of such illnesses, one has succeeded in identifying responsible genetic defects. To the surprise of the doctors their effects (insolubility and dismantling disturbance of the illness protein, sequestering by interactors, changed expression profiles) also can be detected beyond the nervous system, and already decades before appearance of the illness symptoms. In particular disturbances in the lifelong cycle, e.g. how gen activities react to absorption of nutrients, as well as for hunger periods and similar stress, seem to have cumulative effects on the health of the brain.
Now the prediction of illness risks is improved continously. Our understanding on how molecules and metabolisms are concerned grows constantly When will preventive treatments for relief and healing become possible?

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