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The Neuroscience Center, due to his blue cladding so-called “Blue Tower”, was opened in July 2007. Here, the labs of the following ICNF research groups can be found:

Neurophysiology – Prof. Dr. Roeper
Clinical Neuroanatomy – Prof. Dr. Deller
Experimental Neurology – Prof. Dr. Auburger
Experimental Neurosurgery – PD Dr. Kögel
Edinger Institute – Experimental and clinical neuropatholgy – Prof. Dr. Plate

Campus Niederrad
Klinikum der Goethe-Universität
Heinrich-Hoffmann-Str. 7, Building 89
60528 Frankfurt am Main


Official opening of the “Blue Tower” on July 17, 2007

Press report in the Klinikumsnachrichten
> Übergabe des Neuro Science Centers an Klinikum und Fachbereich Medizin der Universität Frankfurt (Opening of the Neuro Science Center at the medical center of Frankfurt University)

Photos of the opening ceremony

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