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A video portrait of the Master program “Interdisciplinary neuroscience”

Students from Riedberg TV show the Master’s program “Interdisciplinary Neuroscience” in a video portrait.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Deller new member of the Leopoldina

Prof. Dr. Thomas Deller, deputy director of the ICNF, was accepted into the Leopoldina – National Academy of Sciences, the oldest scientific-medical scholarly society in the German-speaking area and the oldest permanently existing natural research academy in the world. The Leopoldina elects outstanding scientists from all over the world as its members. They advise politicians and foster exchange with foreign academies and scientists.


A portrait of the Master program “Interdisciplinary neuroscience”

Find here an article about the Master program “Interdisciplinary Neuroscience” published in UniReport 1.19 of Goethe University. PDF for download

Summer program of the Young Investigators’ Colloquiums

Starting June 13, PhD students of the ICNF groups meet for talks and drinks.

PDF for download

Blood vessels and nerve cells communicate

Previously unknown function of blood vessels in the brain discovered. Prof. Amparo Acker-Palmer publishes in “Science” on neurovascular communication in the brain.

Neurons rise from sleep in the hippocampus

New nerve cells also develop in the adult brain throughout life. Researchers at the Institute of Clinical Neuroanatomy and the Ernst Strüngmann Institute for Neuroscience have discovered how these neurons rise from sleep in the hippocampus, a key region for learning.

Rhine-main neuroscience community met in Oberwesel

The 5th Biennial Meeting of the rhine-main neuroscience network, which once again took place in the beautifully situated Oberwesel am Rhein, was again a great success.

Twilight perception

The brain processes weak visual stimuli better in the morning and evening than at noon, according to the international team led by Frankfurt neuroscientists Christian Kell, Lorenzo Cordani and Joerg Stehle.

ERC Starting Grant

Prof. Yee Lee Shing, Professor of Developmental Psychology and new member of the ICNF, brings ERC Starting Grant to Frankfurt for the research on predictive memory.

4,7 Mio Euro granted to CePTER

4,7 Mio Euro granted to new LOEWE Center CePTER = Center for Personalized Translational Epilepsy Research which is headed by Prof. Dr. Felix Rosenow

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