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Prof. Dr. David Slattery

Department of Psychiatry, Psychosomatics and Psychotherapy
Heinrich-Hoffmann-Str. 10
60528 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Tel +49 69 6301 80012



Scientific Focus

We are interested in understanding of the neurobiology and treatment of stress-related disorders; with an emphasis on mood and anxiety disorders. A particular focus is the study postpartum mood and anxiety disorders using stress- and diet-based models in rodents, as well as:

– The role of neuropeptides in anxiety- and affective- disorders
– The molecular basis of Social Anxiety Disorder and the assessment of novel treatment options
– Sex-differences in the aetiology and treatment of stress-related disorders


Stress-based animal models
Genetic mouse models

Selected Publications

Slattery, DA and Cryan, JF (2017). Modelling depression in animals: At the interface of reward and stress pathways. Psychopharmacology (Berl) in press.

Slattery, DA and Hillerer, KM (2016). The maternal brain under stress: Consequences for adaptive peripartum plasticity and its potential functional implications. Frontiers in Neuroendocrinology 41: 114-28.

Slattery DA, Naik RR, Grund T, Yen YC, Sartori SB, Füchsl A, Finger BC, Elfving B, Nordemann U, Guerrini R, Calo G, Wegener G, Mathé AA, Singewald N, Czibere L, Landgraf R, Neumann ID (2015). Selective breeding for high anxiety introduces a synonymous SNP that increases neuropeptide S receptor activity. The Journal of Neuroscience 35: 4599-613

Hillerer KM, Neumann ID, Couillard-Despres S, Aigner L, Slattery DA (2014). Lactation-induced reduction in hippocampal neurogenesis is reversed by repeated stress exposure. Hippocampus 24: 673-83

Toth I, Neumann ID, Slattery DA (2012). Social fear conditioning: a novel and specific animal model to study social anxiety disorder. Neuropsychopharmacology 37: 1433-43

Toth I, Dietz M, Peterlik D, Huber SE, Fendt M, Neumann ID, Flor PJ, Slattery DA (2012). Pharmacological interference with metabotropic glutamate receptor subtype 7 but not subtype 5 differentially affects within- and between-session extinction of Pavlovian conditioned fear. Neuropharmacology 62: 1619-26

Slattery DA, Uschold N, Magoni M, Bär J, Popoli M, Neumann ID, Reber SO (2012). Behavioural consequences of two chronic psychosocial stress paradigms: anxiety without depression. Psychoneuroendocrinology 37: 702-14

Hillerer KM, Reber SO, Neumann ID, Slattery DA (2011) Exposure to chronic pregnancy stress reverses peripartum-associated adaptations: implications for postpartum anxiety and mood disorders. Endocrinology, 152: 3930-40

Slattery DA, Markou A, Froestl W, Cryan JF (2005) The GABAB receptor-positive modulator GS39783 and the GABAB receptor agonist baclofen attenuate the reward-facilitating effects of cocaine: intracranial self-stimulation studies in the rat. Neuropsychopharmacology 30: 2065-72

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