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Prof. Dr. Erin M. Schuman

Max Planck Institute for Brain Research
Department of Synaptic Plasticity
c/o MPI Biophysics
Max von Laue Strasse 3
60438 Frankfurt am Main

Tel 069 506820 1000
Fax 069 506820 1002



Scientific Focus

cell biology of neurons; protein synthesis and degradation; mechanisms of information storage in the brain; synaptic plasticity; learning and memory


molecular biology, biochemistry, imaging, electrophysiology, proteomics, bioinformatics

Selected Publications

Van Oostrum, M., Blok, T., Giandomenico, S.L., tom Dieck, S., Tushev, G., Fürst, N., Langer, J., and Schuman, E.M. (2023). The proteomic landscape of synaptic diversity across brain regions and cell types. Cell, 186, 1-17.

Sun, C., Desch, K., Nassim-Assir, B., Giandomenico, S.L., Nemcova, P., Langer, J.D., and Schuman, E.M. (2023). An abundance of free regulatory (19 S) proteasome particles regulates neuronal synapses. Science380, 811. doi: 10.1126/science.adf2018

Glock, C. Biever, A., Nassim Azir, B., Kao, A., Bartnik, I., tom Dieck, S., and Schuman, E.M. (2021). The translatome of neuronal cell bodies, dendrites and axons. PNAS, 118 (43), e2113929118; doi: 10.1073/pnas.2113929118.

Biever, A., Glock, C., Tushev, G., Ciirdaeva, E., Dalmay, T., Langer, J.T. and Schuman, E.M. (2020). Monosomes actively translate synaptic mRNAs in neuronal processes. Science,  367 (6477), eaay 4991,  doi: 10.1126/science.aay4991.

Hafner, A.S., Donlin-Asp, P.G., Leitch, B., Herzog, E., and Schuman, E.M. (2019). Local protein synthesis is a ubiquitous feature of neuronal pre- and postsynaptic compartments. Science, 364, (6441), 650. doi: 10.1126/science.aau3644.

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