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Dr. Marieke Schölvinck

Ernst Strüngmann Institute for Neuroscience
Deutschordenstrassse 46
60528 Frankfurt am Main


+49 (0)69 96769 360




Scientific Focus

In daily life, our brain operates in constant interaction with its surroundings. Therefore, activity in a neuronal population will always be shaped by several ongoing cognitive processes at once. In my research, I explore the dynamic neuronal signatures of such superimposed neuronal representations in the context of naturalistic behaviour. I do so using a variety of techniques, ranging from fMRI in humans and primates, and in vivo electrophysiology in rodents, cats, and primates, to computational modelling.


NHP electrophysiology; human fMRI




Selected Publications

Tlaie A, Shapcott K, Taylor R, Abd El Hay M, Glukhova I, Ferracci PA, Mert B, Pillow J, Havenith MN, Schölvinck ML‡  (2024) Thoughtful faces: inferring internal states across species using facial features. BioRXiv

Tlaie A, Shapcott K, van der Plas T, Rowland J, Lees R,Keeling J, Packer A, Tiesinga P, Schölvinck ML, Havenith MN (2021) What does the mean mean? A simple test for neuroscience. BioRXiv, in revision at PLoS Computional Biology

Shapcott K, Weigand M, Glukhova I, Havenith MN, Schölvinck ML‡ (2022) DomeVR: Immersive virtual reality for primates and rodents.  BioRXiv, under review at PLoS One

Engel T, Schölvinck ML, Lewis C (2021) The diversity and specificity of functional connectivity across spatial and temporal scales. NeuroImage 245: 118692

Schölvinck ML, GençE, Bergmann J, Singer W, Kohler A (2016) Functional connectivity patterns of visual cortex reflect its anatomical organization. Cerebral Cortex26: 3719-3731

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