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Dr. Marieke Schölvinck

Ernst Strüngmann Institute for Neuroscience
Deutschordenstrassse 46
60528 Frankfurt am Main


+49 (0)69 96769 360




Scientific Focus

In daily life, our brain operates in constant interaction with its surroundings. Therefore, activity in a neuronal population will always be shaped by several ongoing cognitive processes at once. In my research, I explore the dynamic neuronal signatures of such superimposed neuronal representations in the context of naturalistic behaviour. I do so using a variety of techniques, ranging from fMRI in humans and primates, and in vivo electrophysiology in rodents, cats, and primates, to computational modelling.


NHP electrophysiology; human fMRI




Selected Publications

Genç E*, Schölvinck ML*, Bergmann J, Singer W, Kohler A (2016) Functional connectivity patterns of visual cortex reflect its anatomical organization. Cerebral Cortex 26: 3719-3731. [*co first author]Schölvinck ML, Saleem A, Benucci A, Harris KD, Carandini M (2015) Cortical state determines global variability and correlations in visual cortex. Journal of Neuroscience 35: 170-178.

Schölvinck ML, Friston KJ, Rees G (2012) The influence of spontaneous activity on stimulus processing in primary visual cortex. NeuroImage 59: 2700-2708

Schölvinck ML, Maier A, Ye FQ, Duyn JH, Leopold DA (2010) Neural basis of global resting-state fMRI activity. PNAS 107(22): 10238-10243.

Schölvinck ML, Howarth C, Attwell D (2008) The cortical energy needed for conscious perception. NeuroImage 40(4): 1460-1468.

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