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Apl. Prof. Dr. Gaby Schneider

Institut für Mathematik
Fachbereich Informatik und Mathematik
Angewandte Mathematische Statistik
Robert-Mayer-Str. 10
60325 Frankfurt

Tel +49 69 798 23927
Fax +49 69 798 28841



Scientific Focus

My research focuses on the development of stochastic models and statistical analysis methods for the description and analysis of temporal coordination within individual spike trains and between parallel neuronal recordings. Therefore, I combine (1) theoretical statistical treatment of point processes (e.g. multi-scale change point analysis), (2) stochastic description of relevant firing patterns in empirically observed processes, such as bursts or oscillatory behavior, and (3) statistical analysis of correlations, synchronous oscillation or phase-relations (using e.g. specific Cox processes).


Selected Publications

Plomer S., Ernst T., Gebhardt P., Schleiff E., Neininger R., Schneider G. (submitted) Bivariate change point detection in movement direction and speed  arXiv:2402.02489v1

Straub B., Schneider G. (2020) A model for the study of the increase in stimulus and change point detection with small and variable spiking delays.  Neural Computation 32, 1277-1321.

Messer M., Backhaus H., Fu T., Stroh A., Schneider G. (2020) A multi scale approach for testing and detecting peaks in time series. Statistics. Vol 54 Nr. 5 1058-1080

Messer M., Albert S., Schneider G. (2018) The multiple filter test for change point detection in time series. Metrika 81(6), 589-607

Albert S., Schmack K., Sterzer P., Schneider G. (2017) A hierarchical stochastic model for bistable perception PLOS Computational Biology. 13(11): e1005856.

Schiemann J., Klose V., Schlaudraff F., Bingmer M., Seino S., Magill P. J., Schneider G., Liss B. & Roeper J. (2012): K-ATP channels control in vivo burst firing of dopamine neurons in the medial substantia nigra and novelty-induced behavior. Nature Neuroscience 15:1272-80

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