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Dr. Sevil Duvarci

Institute of Neurophysiology
Theodor-Stern-Kai 7
60590 Frankfurt am Main

Tel +49-69-6301-84105
Fax +49-69-6301-6987

E-Mail: duvarci@med.uni-frankfurt.de


Scientific Focus

We are interested in understanding the dopaminergic control of brain circuits underlying cognitive functions and how dopaminergic dysregulation results in cognitive impairments in psychiatric diseases such as schizophrenia. To this end, we use mouse models of schizophrenia and perform multi-site awake behaving recordings in mice performing cognitive tasks.


  • Electrophysiology in freely behaving animals
  • Behavior
  • Optogenetics
  • Genetic mouse models

Selected Publications

S Duvarci and Pare D (2014) Amygdala microcircuits controlling learned fear. Neuron 82:966-980.

Duvarci S*, Popa D* and Pare D (2011) Central amygdala activity during fear conditioning. J Neurosci 31:289-94. *equal contribution

Popa D*, Duvarci S*, Popescu AT, Lena C and Pare D (2010) Coherent amygdalocortical theta promotes fear memory consolidation during paradoxical sleep. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 107:6516-19. *equal contribution

Duvarci S and Pare D (2007) Glucocorticoids enhance the excitability of principal basolateral amygdala neurons. J Neurosci 27:4482-91.

Duvarci S and Nader K (2004) Characterization of fear memory reconsolidation. J Neurosci 24:9269-75.

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