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Dr. Sevil Duvarci

Institute of Neurophysiology
Theodor-Stern-Kai 7
60590 Frankfurt am Main

Tel +49-69-6301-84105
Fax +49-69-6301-6987



Scientific Focus

Neuromodulatory systems are activated by emotional and salient events and strongly influence learning and memory. Our group is interested in understanding the neuromodulatory control of brain circuits underlying emotional and cognitive processing. In particular, we are interested in how activity of dopamine neurons regulates neural circuits that support emotional learning such as fear and safety learning as well as cognitive functions such as working memory. To address these questions, we use state-of-the-art techniques including multi-site in vivo electrophysiological recordings and cell type- and projection-specific calcium recordings in awake behaving mice performing behavioral tasks. To investigate the causal contribution of defined activity patterns to behavior, we perform optogenetic and chemogenetic manipulations of neuronal activity. These experiments are carried out in wild-type mice as well as mouse models of psychiatric disorders.


  • Electrophysiological recordings in awake behaving mice
  • Calcium and dopamine biosensor recordings using fiber photometry
  • Optogenetic and chemogenetic manipulations
  • Animal behavior
  • Animal models of psychiatric disorders

Selected Publications

Salinas-Hernández, X.I., Zafiri, D., Sigurdsson, T. & Duvarci, S. (2023). Functional architecture of dopamine neurons driving fear extinction learning. Neuron 111, 3854-3870.

Kalisch, R., Gerlicher, A.M.V. & Duvarci, S. (2019). A dopaminergic basis for fear extinction. Trends Cogn Sci. 23:274-277.

Salinas-Hernández, X.I., Vogel, P., Betz, S., Kalisch, R., Sigurdsson, T. & Duvarci, S. (2018). Dopamine neurons drive fear extinction learning by signaling the omission of expected aversive outcomes. Elife. pii: e38818.

Duvarci, S., Simpson, E.H., Schneider, G., Kandel, E.R., Roeper, J. & Sigurdsson, T. (2018). Impaired recruitment of dopamine neurons during working memory mice with striatal D2 receptor overexpression. Nature Commun. 9, 2822.

Duvarci, S. & Pare, D. (2014). Amygdala microcircuits controlling learned fear. Neuron 82, 966-980.

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