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Dr. Hermann Cuntz

Ernst Strüngmann Institute for Neuroscience
Deutschordenstraße 46
60528 Frankfurt/Main

Tel +49-(0)-69-96769-540



Scientific Focus

Biophysics of neural processing as a function of single cells and circuits


Neuronal reconstructions;
Morphological modelling;
Compartmental modelling;
Network modelling

Selected Publications

Weigand M, Sartori F, Cuntz H (2017). Universal transition from unstructured to structured neural maps. PNAS 114(20):E4057-E4064.

Cuntz, H., Mathy, A., Häusser, M. (2012) A scaling law derived from optimal dendritic wiring. PNAS 109(27): 11014-11018.

Cuntz, H., Forstner, F., Borst, A., Häusser, M. (2010) One rule to grow them all: A general theory of neuronal branching and its practical application. PLoS Computational Biology 6(8): e1000877.

Cuntz, H., Haag, J., Forstner, F., Segev, I., Borst, A. (2007) Robust coding of flow-field parameters by axo-axonal gap junctions between fly visual interneurons. PNAS 104(24), 10229-10233.

Cuntz, H., Haag, J., Borst, A. (2003) Neural image processing by dendritic networks. PNAS 100(19), 11082-11085.

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