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Light into the darkness

Prof. Dr. med Peter Biberthaler, Klinik und Poliklinik für Unfallchirurgie, München
am 18. Juni 2018

It’s football World Cup again and who doesn’t remember the legendary final of the German national team 2014! One will never remember this game: Christoph Kramer. After he collided with an opponent’s head, he didn’t remember the game! This form of brain injury is particularly treacherous because the signs can be so variable that it can easily lead to overlooked changes. In the worst case these injuries end with death. In order to brighten up this diagnostic darkness, accident surgeons and neuroscientists all over the world have for some time been developing new test systems that can be used to measure in the blood whether damage has occurred in the brain or not. There are spectacular new scientific findings here that not only revolutionize the treatment of patients in emergency rooms around the world, but are also expected to bring a significant increase in safety for the many sports physicians on sports fields around the world.

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