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Prof. Dr. Karen Zentgraf

Department 05: Psychology & Sports Sciences
Institute for Sports Sciences
Movement Science and Training in Sports
Campus Ginnheim | Ginnheimer Landstraße 39
60487 Frankfurt am Main

Tel +49 (0) 69 798 24524



Scientific Focus

human performance, motor cognition, sports expertise, action observation


fMRI, motor performance, kinematics

Selected Publications

Zabicki A, de Haas B, Zentgraf K, Stark R, Munzert J, Krüger B (2017) Imagined and Executed Actions in the Human Motor System: Testing Neural Similarity Between Execution and Imagery of Actions with a Multivariate Approach. Cerebral Cortex 27: 4523–4536

Zentgraf K, Heppe H, Fleddermann MT (2017) Training in interactive sports: A systematic review of practice and transfer effects of perceptual–cognitive training. Ger J Exerc Sport Res 47:2–14

Eils E, Cañal-Bruland R, Sieverding L, de Lussanet MHE, Zentgraf K (2017)Vision adds to haptics when dyads perform a whole-body joint balance task. Exp Brain Res 235:2089–2102

Bischoff M, Zentgraf K, Pilgramm S, Stark R, Krüger B, Münzert J (2014) Anticipating action effects recruits audiovisual movement representations in the ventral premotor cortex. Brain and Cognition 92:39-47

Münzert J, Lorey B, Zentraf K (2009) Cognitive motor processes: The role of motor imagery in the study of motor representations. Brain Research Reviews 60: 306-326

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