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Prof. Dr. Erin M. Schuman

Max Planck Institute for Brain Research
Department of Synaptic Plasticity
c/o MPI Biophysics
Max von Laue Strasse 3
60438 Frankfurt am Main

Tel 069 506820 1000
Fax 069 506820 1002



Scientific Focus

mechanisms of information storage in the brain; synaptic plasticity; learning and memory


molecular biology, biochemistry, imaging, electrophysiology, proteomics, bioinformatics

Selected Publications

Sambandan, S., Akbalik, G., Kochen, L., Rinne, J., Kahlstatt, J., Glock, C., Tushev, G., Alvarez-Castelao, B., Heckel, A., and Schuman, E.M. (2017). Activity-dependent spatially localized miRNA maturation in neuronal dendrites. Science, 355 (6325), 634-637.

Schanzenbaecher, C.T., Sambandan, S., Langer, J.D., Schuman, E.M. (2016). Nascent proteome remodeling following homeostatic scaling at hippocampal synapses. Neuron, 92, 358-371.

tom Dieck, S., Kochen, L., Hanus, C., Bartnik, I., Nassim-Assir, B., Merk, K., Mosler, T., Garg, S., Bunse, S., Tirrell, D.A. and Schuman, E.M. (2015). Direct visualization of identified and newly synthesized proteins in situ. Nature Methods,12: 411-414, doi:10.1038/NMETH.3319.

You, X., Vlatkovic, I., Babic, A., Will, T.J., Epstein, I., Tushev, G., Akbalik, G., Wang, M., Glock, C., Quedenau, C., Wang, X., Hou, J., Liu, H., Sun, W., Sambandan, S., Chen, T., Schuman, E.M.* and Chen, W. (2015) Neural circular RNAs are derived from synaptic genes and regulated by development and plasticity. * co-senior and corresponding authors. Nature Neuroscience, 18: 603-610, doi: 10.1038/nn.3975.

Cajigas, I.J., Tushev, G., Will, T.J., tom Dieck, S., Fuerst, N., and Schuman, E.M. (2012). The local transcriptome in the synaptic neuropil revealed by deep sequencing and high-resolution imaging. Neuron, 74, 453-466.

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