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Prof. Dr. David Poeppel

Ernst Strüngmann Institute for Neuroscience
Deutschordenstr. 46
60528 Frankfurt am Main

Tel.: 49 (0)69-96769 101


Scientific Focus

The overall goal of my research program is to develop a theoretically motivated, computationally explicit, and biologically realistic perspective on auditory cognition, speech perception, and language comprehension.


The principal methods used in the lab include psychophysics, MEG, EEG, ECoG, and fMRI.

Selected Publications

Ding N, Melloni L, Zhang H, Tian X, Poeppel D (2016). Cortical entrainment reflects hierarchical structure building in speech comprehension. Nature Neuroscience. 19:158-64.

Overath T, McDermott JH, Zarate JM, Poeppel D (2015). The cortical analysis of speech-specific temporal structure revealed by responses to sound quilts. Nature Neuroscience 18:903-911.

Giraud AL, Poeppel D (2012). Cortical oscillations and speech processing: emerging computational principles and operations. Nature Neuroscience 15: 511–517.

Luo H, Poeppel D (2007). Phase Patterns of Neuronal Responses Reliably Discriminate Speech in Human Auditory Cortex. Neuron 54, 1001-1010.

Hickok G, Poeppel D (2007). The cortical organization of speech perception. Nature Reviews Neuroscience 8: 393-402.

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