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Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Johannes Pantel

Institut für Allgemeinmedizin
Arbeitsbereich Altersmedizin mit Schwerpunkt Psychogeriatrie und klinische Gerontologie
Theodor-Stern-Kai 7
60590 Frankfurt a.M.

Tel +49-69-6301-6134
Fax +49-69-6301-6428



Scientific Focus

– Clinical studies in neuropsychiatric disorders (in particular dementia)
– Early and differential diagnosis of dementia (in particular Alzheimer’s disease) based on objective surrogate markers
– Neuroimaging applications in dementia research (in particular MRI)
– Pathophysiology and prognostic value of mild cognitive impairment (MCI) in the elderly
– New therapies in dementia (in particular Alzheimer’s disease)
– neuropsychiatric disorders of cognition and memory
– Psychosocial and ethical aspects of dementia care
– Psychological approaches to the management of behavioral problems in dementia
– Neuropsychology and psychometrics
– Psychopharmacology of cognitive and non-cognitive (behavioral) symptoms of dementia
– Primary and secondary prevention of dementia
– Epidemiology of dementia and other psychiatric disorders in the elderly population


– Standardized clinical and psychopathological characterization of patient samples
– Psychometric and neuropsychological profiling
– Structural Neuroimaging (in particular MRI; in collaboration with Neuroradiology)
– Functional Neuroimaging (fMRI, MR-Spectroscopy, PET; in collaboration with BIC, Neuroradiology, and Nuclear Medicine)
– MR-Volumetrics
– Behavioral studies
– Psychosocial interventions (behavioral training etc.)

Selected Publications

Ida N, Hartmann T, Pantel J, Schröder J, Zerfass R, Förstl H, Masters CL, Beyreuther K (1996): Analysis of heterogeneous ßA4 peptides in cerebrospinal fluid and blood by a newly developed sensitive Western blot assay. Journal of Biological Chemistry 271: 22908-22914.

Pantel J, Schröder J, Schad LR, Friedlinger M, Knopp MV, Schmitt R, Geißler M, Blüml S, Essig M, Sauer H (1997): Quantitative magnetic resonance imaging and neuropsychological functions in dementia of the Alzheimer type. Psychological Medicine 27: 221-229.

Pantel J, Schröder J, Essig M, Popp D, Dech H, Knopp MV, Schad LR, Eysenbach K, Friedlinger M (1997): Quantitative magnetic resonance imaging in late onset depression and primary degenerative dementia. Journal of Affective Disorders 42: 69-83.

Schröder J, Pantel J, Ida N, Essig, M, Hartmann T, Knopp MV, Sandbrink R, Sauer H, Masters CL, Beyreuther K (1997): Cerebral changes and cerebrospinal fluid ß-amyloid in dementia of the Alzheimer type: a study with quantitative magnetic resonance. Molecular Psychiatry 2: 505-507.

Jensen M, Schröder J, Blomberg M, Engvall B, Pantel J, Ida N, Basun H, Knopp MV, Wahlund LO, Werle E, Jauss M, Schad LR, Beyreuther K, Lannfelt L, Hartmann T (1999): Strongly increased cerebrospinal fluid Aß42 in early Alzheimer’s disease and ApoE dependent decline of Aß with disease progression. Annals of Neurology 45: 504-511.

Pantel J, Kratz B, Essig M, Schröder J (2003): Parahippocampal volume reduction in aging-associated cognitive decline. American Journal of Psychiatry 160: 379-382.

Pantel J, Schönknecht P, Essig M, Schröder J (2004): Distribution of cerebral atrophy assessed by MRI reflects pattern of neuropsychological deficits in Alzheimer’s dementia. Neuroscience Letters 361: 17-2.

Döbert N, Pantel J, Frölich L, Hamscho N, Menzel C, Grünwald F (2005): Diagnostic value of FDG_PET and HMPAO-SPET in patients with early dementia and MCI: Metabolic index and perfusion index. Dementia and Geriatric Cognitive Disorders 20: 63-70.

Bottmer C, Bachmann S, Pantel J, Essig M, Amann M, Schad LR, Magnotta V, Schröder J (2005): Reduced Cerebellar Volume and Neurological Soft Signs in First-Episode Schizophrenia. Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging 140: 239-250.

Schönknecht P*, Pantel J*, Kruse A, Schröder J (2005): Prevalence and natural course of aging-associated cognitive decline in a population-based sample of “young-old” subjects. American Journal of Psychiatry 162: 2071-2077.
*both autors contributed equally

Thomann P, Wüstenberg T, Pantel J, Essig M, Schröder J (2006): Structural changes of the corpus callosum in mild cognitive impairment and early Alzheimer’s disease. Dementia and Geriatric Cognitive Disorders 21: 215-220.

Giesel FL, Hahn HK, Thomann P. Widjaja E, Wignall E, von Tengg-Kobligk H, Pantel J, Griffiths PD, Peitgen HO, Schröder J, Essig M (2006): Temporal horn index of medial temporal lobe atrophy: Using a new semiautomated method for rapid and precise assessment. American Journal of Neuroradiology 27:.1464-1458.

Haberstroh J, Neumeyer K, Schmitz B, Perels F, Pantel J (2006): Kommunikations-TanDem -Entwicklung, Durchführung und Evaluation eines Kommunikationstrainings für pflegende Angehörige von Demenzpatienten. Zeitschrift für Gerontologie und Geriatrie 39: 358-364.

Schönknecht P, Pantel J, Kaiser E, Thomann P, Schröder J (2007): Increased tau protein differentiates mild cognitive impairment from geriatric depression and predicts conversion to dementia. Neuroscience Letters 416: 39-42.

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