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Prof.Dr. Christoph von der Malsburg

Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies
Neuroscience Group
Ruth-Moufang-Str. 1
60438 Frankfurt

Tel 069 798 47534
Fax 069 798 47611



Scientific Focus

Understanding the phenomenon of organization

Understanding the organization of the brain

Modeling processes of organization in the visual system,
in ontogenesis, in learning, in function

Using the problem of invariant object recognition
as paradigmatic application field to work on all of the above.


Conceptual work, mathematical formulation, computer simulation

Selected Publications

C. von der Malsburg, T. Stadelmann, B. Grewe. A Theory of Natural Intelligence. Cognitive Computation. (2022)

C. von der Malsburg. Concerning the Neural Code. J. Cog. Sci. 19 (4) 511-550 (2018)

C. von der Malsburg. Vorbild Gehirn – Randbedingungen für eine kognitive Architektur. In: Cognitive Computing – Theorie, Technik und Praxis. Hrsg. Edy Portmann and Sara D’Onofrio. Springer Vieweg, Edition Informatik Spektrum, pp. 3-30. Februar 2020.

C. von der Malsburg. Toward understanding the neural code of the brain Biological Cybernetics (2021) 115:439–449.

T. Fernandes and C. von der Malsburg. Self-Organization of Control Circuits for Invariant Fiber Projections. Neural Computation 27, 1005-1032, 2015.

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