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Prof. Dr. Dr. Gilles Laurent

Max Planck Institute for Brain Research
Neural Systems and Coding
Altenhöfer Allee 1A
60438 Frankfurt am Main

Tel +49 (0)69 506 820 2000
Fax +49 (0)69 506 820 2002



Scientific Focus

Neural coding, Dynamics, Vision and Olfaction, Cerebral Cortex, Reptilian Brain, 3-layered cortices


Electrophysiology (tetrode, patch-clamp, intracellular), Imaging (2-photon, confocal, VSD, Ca++, intrinsic), computation/modeling, molecular biology.

Selected Publications

Shein-Idelson M, Pammer, L, Hemberger M, Laurent G (2017). Large-scale mapping of cortical synaptic projections with extracellular electrode arrays. Nature Methods, in press, Aug 14, 2017, doi: 10.1038/nmeth.4393.

Shein-Idelson M, Ondracek JM, Liaw H-P, Reiter S and Laurent G (2016). Slow waves, sharp waves, ripples and REM in sleeping dragons. Science 352: 590-595.

Huston S, Stopfer M, Cassenar S, Aldworth Z and Laurent G (2015). Neural encoding of odors during active sampling and in turbulent plumes. Neuron 88: 1-16.

Shen K, Tootoonian S and Laurent G (2013). Encoding of mixtures in a simple olfactory system. Neuron 80: 1246-1262.

Cassenaer S and Laurent G (2012). Conditional modulation of spike-timing-dependent plasticity for olfactory learning. Nature 482: 47-52.

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