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Dr. Hiroshi Ito

Max Planck Institute for Brain Research

Max-von-Laue Str. 4
60438 Frankfurt am Main, GERMANY
Phone: +49 69 850033 1410



Scientific Focus

Spatial navigation, Action planning, Decision making, Reinforcement learning, Cortico-cortical and subcortico-cortical interactions


Electrophysiology (tetrode, silicon probe), Imaging (miniscope, fiber bundle), Behavioral analysis, Optogenetics, Computation/Modeling

Selected Publications

Ito, H.T., Moser E.I., Moser M.-B. (2018). Supramammillary Nucleus Modulates Spike-Time Coordination in the Prefrontal-Thalamo-Hippocampal Circuit during Navigation. Neuron. Aug 8;99(3):576-587.

Ito, H.T., (2017). Prefrontal-hippocampal interactions for spatial navigation. Neurosci Res. pii: S0168-0102(17)30165-7.

Miao, C., Cao, Q., Ito, H.T., Yamahachi, H., Witter, M.P., Moser, M.-B, Moser, E.I. (2015) Hippocampal remapping after partial inactivation of the medial entorhinal cortex. Neuron 4;88(3):590-603.

Ito, H.T., Zhang, S.-J., Witter, M.P., Moser, E.I., Moser. M-.B. (2015) A prefrontal-thalamo-hippocampal circuit for goal-directed spatial navigation. Nature. 522(7554):50-5.

Ito, H.T., and Schuman E.M. (2012) Functional division of hippocampal area CA1 via modulatory gating of entorhinal cortical inputs. Hippocampus. 22(2):372-87.

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