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Why we speak with the left – and what the right hemisphere conceals to us

PD Dr. med. Christian Kell, Leiter der Arbeitsgruppe Kognitive Neurowissenschaft, Klinik für Neurologie
am 9. Mai 2016

Both halves of the brain contribute different functions to human experience and behaviour. The right hemisphere cannot normally produce speech, but processes orientation and action in space better than the left hemisphere. However, the speaking, thinking, spatially orienting ego is normally perceived as a unit. This suggests an efficient exchange of information between two differently specialized brain hemispheres. Dr. Kell presented neuroscientific studies on the lateralization of brain function, in particular on the lateralization of speech processing and hand motor skills, and on the interplay between both halves of the brain, which suggest a specialization of the left brain hemisphere for the processing of rapid information changes in general. In addition, clinical observations were presented that provide a fascinating insight into the neurobiology of our everyday experience.

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