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Dr. Manuela Nowotny

Institut für Zellbiologie und Neurowissenschaft
Neurobiologie und Biosensorik
Max-von-Laue-Str. 13
60438 Frankfurt am Main

Tel +49 69 798-42084



Scientific Focus

Acoustic signal transduction
Comparative physiology of hearing
Inner Ear Damages and the generation of Tinnitus


in insects and mammals: Laser Doppler Vibrometery, extra- and intracellular recordings, multi-electrode recordings, ABR and DPOAE measurements, Acoustic Startle Response measurements, Sound recordings and phonotaxis experiments

Selected Publications

Scherberich J, Hummel J, Schöneich S, Nowotny M. (2017). Functional basis of the sexual dimorphism in the auditory fovea of the duetting bushcricket Ancylecha fenestrata. Proc Biol Sci. 284(1865).

Nowotny M, Kiefer L, Andre D, Fabrizius A, Hankeln T, Reuss S. (2017). Hearing without neuroglobin. Neuroscience. 366:138-148.

Scherberich J, Hummel J, Schöneich S, Nowotny M. (2016) Auditory fovea in the ear of a duetting katydid shows male-specific adaptation to the female call. Curr Biol. 26(23):R1222-R1223.

Hummel J, Schöneich S, Kössl M, Scherberich J, Hedwig B, Prinz S, Nowotny M. (2016) Gating of Acoustic Transducer Channels Is Shaped by Biomechanical Filter Processes. J Neurosci. 36(8):2377-2382.

Kiefer L, Schauen A, Abendroth S, Gaese BH, Nowotny M. (2015) Variation in acoustic overstimulation changes tinnitus characteristics. Neuroscience. 310: 176-187.

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