Prof. Dr. Pascal Fries

Ernst Strüngmann Institute (ESI)
in Cooperation with Max Planck Society
Deutschordenstr. 46
D-60528 Frankfurt

Tel 0049 69 96769 501
Fax 0049 69 96769 555


Scientific Focus

Research statement

Networks of neurons typically engage in rhythmic, synchronized activity. Neuronal synchronization likely affects neuronal processing. If so, evolution has probably selected functional synchronization and mechanisms for its adaptive modulation. I study neuronal synchronization´s mechanisms, its consequences and its cognitive functions.



Selected Publications

Key publications

Fries, P. (2009) Neuronal gamma-band synchronization as a fundamental process in cortical computation. Annual Review of Neuroscience. 32, 209-224.

Womelsdorf, T., Schoffelen, J.M., Oostenveld, R., Singer, W., Desimone, R., Engel, A.K., and Fries, P. (2007) Modulation of neuronal interactions through neuronal synchronization. Science. 316 (5831), 1609-1612.

Womelsdorf, T., Fries, P., Mitra, P.P., and Desimone, R. (2006) Gamma-band synchronization in visual cortex predicts speed of change detection. Nature. 439 (7077), 733-736.

Schoffelen, J.M., Oostenveld, R., and Fries, P. (2005) Neuronal coherence as a mechanism of effective corticospinal interaction. Science. 308(5718), 111-113.

Fries, P., Reynolds, J.H., Rorie, A.E., and Desimone, R. (2001) Modulation of oscillatory neuronal synchronization by selective visual attention. Science. 291(5508), 1560-1563.

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